gūan yú wô

What is luxury? To me, luxury is not just an expensive price tag, it is living authentically. The inspiration of my collection and documentation is more than a literal representation of Chinese rural workers, but my admiration of their work ethics, their dedication and their dignity. I want to document their life more than just defining and shaping a distinct character for them, but how I can bring out the essence of their charm, and to further develop the insights of their ethics.

These guys live labor-intensive lives, don't bother much with dressing in fashion, and aren’t aware of trends. All they know is work and how t o stay warm, how to stay clean and fed. I like how they dress themselves in the most easy going, spontaneous way. They curled up their shirt from their waist because of how hot the weather is. They revealed their tanned, and rather skinny body, to me it’s masculinity. Thin body is the trait of a Chinese migrant worker. In Guangzhou, under the suffocating humidity and the unbearable sun, they roll up their sleeves, Exposing their boney arms to the crowds ; They chit-chat loud and happy. They are the free spirited individuals.

Growing up I've been lucky I never had to worry about money. My parents raised me with much love and care, and they always make sure I stay grateful and work hard.

I work hard. But I feel guilty sometimes, I am aware of people with less fortune, yet there doesn't seem to be a whole lot I can do. I envy these Chinese migrant workers. How they earn their money and spend their own. Easy going and live authentically.

Regardless rich or poor, beauty or ugly We were born into this world without much choice. Rich or poor isn’t a standard or measure of authenticity. Living authentically is a matter of admitting the limitation of one's life yet still maintaining the dedication to life and stay thankful each day. Regardless of one's socioeconomic status, regardless of earnings or losings, to live authentically is to live with dignity and pride. This is the most luxurious gift we can give ourselves.